'zygodactyl' is out on Stop/Eject.

Tracks 1 -> 14: Untitled

CHEFKIRK - ZYGODACTYL (CDR by Stop/Eject Records) If my counts is right, this might very well the fifteenth release by Chefkirk we are reviewing, since Vital Weekly 383, when we first wrote about him. Here on a CDR label I never heard of, Stop/Eject Records. We find him in pretty much similar areas as his past few releases: rhythm and noise on a fine line together. Chefkirk's music is built out of many small rhythmical elements, perhaps computer treatments of electro-acoustic recordings, which are then blown up into many tiny bullets of noise. It's a trick that Chefkirk by now masters quite well, but at the same time, it should be noted that in this vast body of work not much news is happening. Things have been rather steady for a while now and it should be about time that Chefkirk masters some new tricks.
(Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)

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