Chefkirk - Vegetable Rush


chefkirk is one of the most original and interesting artists in noise right now. I've had this cd for awhile but I've been putting off reviewing it because it wouldn't go in my computer due to its hand painted nature. But I just realized that it'll play okay in my external drive, so here we go. This beast comes in a green dvd case with an orange outer sleeve. The insert though is more aesthetically pleasing for me, being as its in black and white with courier text and some negative images on the inside (its double sided) that are rather spiffy. There are 9 tracks here, the end result being 50:26. This is apparently some of Rogers' older material, and the skree and squeal here does sound a bit different in approach than his other work, a bit more analog sounding at points, but aesthetically it holds up to the same standard as his other works, if a more laid back for the most part, more dark and brooding than the other 5 or so albums of his i have. Not to imply that this is an energy less effort, not at all, the energy is just different, less spastic than usual.

All of the tracks on here get my juices flowing, but there are some that touch my special spots better than others, so I'll just focus on the 'highlights'. Track 7,"erucic acid" is a pretty simplistic track, but its super effective, locking into a slow but steady minimal rhythmic noise groove for its 5 minute duration, the rhythm being manipulated and warped every once in awhile just incase you were getting bored. Track 6, "4carob chips" starts off as another slower piece, with some faint high octave melody being repeated among a sea of gentle hiss, and then it al explodes into a storm od weird ass spurts and sputters, a twisted destroyed in typical chefkirk fashion, eventually deteriorating into a backwards vocal sample.

The best track here though is definitely "bouillons + broths", which is classic chefkirk insanity, spastic and unrelenting noise that keeps changing and morphing from one deformed freak to another. This bitch is full of distorto bass, wacky vocal manipulations, high octave rapid pitch shifts, sinewaves, grainy found sounds, basically everything a boy could ask for.

Like all of his other albums, this kicks total buttocks. Buy it while you still have the chance. Industrial/Royce Icon.

Let's start of with this odd orange cover in a green dvd box and say the colors go with the ugly sounds on this title. Which is limited to small 100 copies. Also when i say ugly I mean it in the best of terms. chefkirk is harsh ass electronic deconstruction on the highest of levels. Vegetable rush is a static and noise fulled journey on one mission to ruin you ears and your thought patterns. For one I just fucking love it. The cheap electronic being crushed and beaten on this just makes it all the more special this low fi traveler is just what I needed at this time. Hail chefkirk and all is odd creations. Beauty & Pain Mag.

Ok, here's a new chefkirk release. I felt sad since I got some recent releases from this genuine North Carolina project since I declared them one of my fabourite project and I didn't review them. I really anticipated this release since it's coming from a label from Michigan that seems really cool although I know no other projects on the label. The presentation of this one is as ever from a chefkirk, awesome! This one come in a green DVD case with some abstract art printed on orange paper and with a booklet with Roger I guess on the front and some pictures of grass and some few info. The CDR is spray painted I guess with some object that obstruct the spray that make some line, I don'T know how to say that but you should know what I mean. Personally I would never ever release something on a DVD case, I hate that. First it's big and take place and when you have to post them it will cost you one of your arm (actually that's the translation of a French-Canadian expression). The CDR is an orange one, I never know they make CDR orange, that seems really cuter than green ones. The music on this one is apparently older one from chefkirk but it's still on the same way as ever, when a recipe is great I guess we can just be happy about it. The chefkirk sound is a kind of whole assemblage of succession of minimally created noises. The only complaint with this record is that it'S a little bit long, more recent chefkirk releases I guess are shorter. I guess you should listen to chefkirk if you like noise done in a more quiet way but never boring. That's interesting minimalism. Sometime people pretend to be nice while playing minimal noise but it's just plain shit. chefkirk is a very distinct noise project and maybe have nothing to prove to nobody and that's why it's great. It's different and enjoyable. It's noise but even non noise fan should like. I guess they deserve more hearing because it's a fucking great project! (Stop/Eject; coloured CDR; 9 tracks; 50 minutes 26 seconds) (File under : subtle minimal analogue noise)

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