Chefkirk - Swedish topspin

The 3" Swedish Topspin is out on Icebox Records

What's green with orange print, 3 inches in diameter and ticklish behind the ears? If you said Michael Jackson's penis (and you are a member of the litigous species known as Americans) then you should probably talk to your lawyer as you have a class action a calling. What I was looking for though was "Swedish Topspin" by the previously unknown to me entity chefkirk. It's lo-fi yet based around current technology. It's got 5 songs. It's friendly too yet you need to mind your liquor cabinet lest it get unruly and start knocking over all your dust collectors. Cute in a pug dog sort of way.

The disc kicks off with a slight hint of a track barely 30 seconds in length, as if to say oops, I thought this was the door to the kitchen. "Swedish Topspin" could be mistaken for a muppet chef whipping up some impossibly green and sparkly sauce since sounds travel in both directions and the gentle brush of whisk hitting metal bowel takes a comedic left turn smack into a wall of screaming feedback and random cutup. The delicate calypso drum tines stretched out underneath the roaring spew make this track seem like post-rock after a drunken brawl - a couple of teeth, a broken discman and a big shit stain on the back of its pants given in trade for the much needed life experience. "Deutsch 22" pushes everything off of the table so it can have some space while it hunts for the source of the burning plastic smell (which turns out to be Nerve Net Noise tied to an overheating transformer about 2 minutes in pulling wires). The trash compactor loses a vital component on "AVO-reuben(2)" (an unnecessarily tricky title if I have ever heard one) which screws up the gear ratios for about 30 seconds until some "kitchen maintenance" is attempted. While not effective in returning the appliance to even keel, it's sure fun seeing splinters of drum beats shooting out of the sink in parabolic spray of disjointedness.

Chefkirk is not afraid to peel off the social niceties and cut a big resonant fart in the middle of a faux academic presentation. This saves it from seeming like a lecture and could even earn a complimentary pint under the right circumstances. It's a playful EP that reminds me of John Wiese if he was on safari in Finland and considering the temperature there at the moment, I think I'll satisfy my urge to roam with another spin of this amusing frolic of a recording.

Reviewed by Moron www.industrial.org

A while I reviewed a CDR release by Chefkirk, aka Roger Smith (Vital Weekly 383) and I was not very positive about it. Although much of what I said about that release is valid for this one: distorted rhythm loops with noisy back-end, but given the length of this release (only twenty minutes), it's a bit more appealling than a whole album. I guess the best thing about it is the track title 'Laptop Folk Is A Joke'. (FWD, Vital Weekly)

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