staplerfahrer started out to be me, some ten years ago, when I circuitbended the amplifier of my first record player....the result turned out to be some ecstatic noise and from that moment on I was hooked....from then on sound was the law....and I do (or try to do) just about everything with it....

have a listen to my tracks and tell me what you think of it at sdeturck@home.nl

Wagawough (available from Floppyswop.)
On The Beach
Crenon Reverse
Jacklyn Has A Crush On You

Vital Weekly Review

STAPLERFAHRER - SCSI VS ATA (CDR by Tibprod) Behind the funny but untranslateable name Staplerfahrer is one Stefan de Turck, from Tilburg, The Netherlands. I believe he had various self-made releases before but this is the first time I hear him under the name Staplerfahrer. Working at home on macintosh computer he crafts together nice pieces of microscopic sound. The first three tracks are part of the Dead Scsi project on Radiantslab.com (remixes of dying harddisc). De Turck opens up the entire box of Pandora with all the possible plug ins and outs to transform the sounds he has - of whatever source we don't know. Rumblings, cracklings and processed static and feedback sounds alike, everything is down in bath of time stretching and max/msp work. Along the lines of Fennesz or Kim Cascone, but with enough tricks of his own. Nice work. (FdW)

SCSI VS ATA is now sold out and made available for download from The Archive.