To prepare for this we need to have a little sale, TIBProd. is distributed by LOOOP. And in some cases Planet Origo. Check them out. Stuff from this sales-list is still available directly from TIBProd. at tibprod@hotmail.com. Payment via PayPal or whatever we individually agree on.

the tibprod-sale:

artist, title, format, label, euros, info

? (all info in russian) cass arysopher distro 2
? (all info in russian) cass arysopher distro 2
? (all info in russian) cass arysopher distro 2
23 ID varia anomalia cdr simlog 2
3eem essence of 3eem cd small voices 3
ad lux tenebrae sketches from that autumn cdr abgurd 2
afflux aizier st.martin-sur-mer dieppe cd edition… 4
akihiko taniguchi improvised particle cdr simlog 2
andrew duke take nothing for granted cdr acid fake 3
animal machine/swampsupnostrils/aatmaa destroy all artifacts cdr krakilsk 2
anti-verstand einschläfernd schmiedwerchalle cass arysopher distro 2
anti-verstand electroorganics cass arysopher distro 2
anti-verstand untitled cdr abgurd 2
arc the circle is not round cd a silent place 4
arthur doyle no more crazy women, tour cdr cdr carbon rec 2
autumn in halifax kites with broken strings cdr carbon rec 2
bjerga/iversen burning liquid rubber metal cdr abgurd 3
bjerga/iversen chromium six exposure cdr astipalea 2
bjerga/iversen earth pit cdr barl fire 3
bjerga/iversen live at sound of mu cdr dirty demos 3
bjerga/iversen most things are made of water cdr utech 4
bjerga/iversen play the oslo groove machine cdr absurd 3
bjerga/iversen shortest way to the moon cdr harha-askel 3
bjerga/iversen w/lars myrvoll days of thunder cdr at war with false noise 4
bjerga/iversen/madame p broken english cdr ambolthue 3 (feat. tom greenwood on guitar/effects, track 2)
carl kruger longplayer cdr krakilsk 2
carlos and guido bolenat cdr krakilsk 2
cheapmachines pure product cdr deserted factory 2
chefkirk effective sentences cdr deserted factory 2
chefkirk fields of paranoia and fear cdr organic pipeline 2
chefkirk modular jac plat cdr carbon rec 2
chefkirk pychontus jocosus cdr organic pipeline 2
christian galarreta ome 08-2003 cdr simlog 2 incl chefkirk-remix
christopher reeg el borracho cdr carbon rec 2
circuit wound corrosive landscape cdr deserted factory 2
cock esp+appliance/waffelpung+waffelpung split ep cd sunship/roggbif 4
coffee dik mik rabbit ear antennae cdr carbon rec 2
collage mania quaquaverse cdr hal mcgee prod. 2 feat fever spoor, napalmed, g.x. jupiter-larsen a.o.
courtis/kiritchenko/moglass cd carbon/tibprod/goldsoundz/1000+1 tilt/nexsound 4
crazy river & sindre bjerga everything we know is barely being held together cdr carbon rec 3
crusades 34'21 cdr krakilsk 2
danny kreutzfeldt noiseworks 1 cdr mirakelmusik 2
darph/nader galaxy cdr krakilsk 2
dead wood remixed patchwork connect cdr dirty demos 3 remixes from sound_00, bjerga/iversen, s.u.n., bjerga, iversen, dangereux, ozka a.o.
dn23rd iamnothing cdr 2
drowning yellow swans and jim attieri cdr carbon rec 2
echran cd small voices 3
ed chang marble/latch cdr carbon rec 2
elite kult irrevocably .. cd 2
emil beaulieau baal remixes cdr rrr free free with orders, while stock last
eonic shadows cd oskorei/abgurd 3
fallingapparatus aarhus city harshcore cdr 8k Mob rec. 2
fisk på disk remixed fish slippers cdr krakilsk 2 fisk på disk remixed by swamps up nostrils, jan-m. iversen, kunstlusk, mystified, rogaland hot club, hoh a.o.
formatt/samuli alapuranen connections/apinavideo cdr abflug rec 2
gacky mektig cdr organic pipeline 2
geoff/mcgee verve of the void cdr hal mcgee prod. 2
goatspew/vertkzvetk demos cass no music records 2
goh lee kwang innere freuden cd herbal rec 2
grinding halt totalmehehe cdr 2
guignol dangereux robbery pop cdr multinational disaster records 2
h.t.t.p. & portablepalace cavitation cd monochrome vision 3
heavy winged the very eye of the night cdr whistle along 2
helmeticrononaut we who are not liek fettoters cdr krakilsk 2
igor krutogolov muzika elktronika cdr the eastern fron 2
incite/staplerfahrer split cdr authorised version 2
init.one three.pieces cdr carbon rec 2 feat a.gilmore, c.oliveiri, joe+n
instant movie combinations 9Ymbo cdr abgurd 2
iversen where in this world are you cdr krakilsk 2
jan-m. iversen greets from norway cdr astipalea 2
joe+n 35 trips around the sun 3"cdr carbon rec 2
joe+n crickets and friends 2cd carbon rec 4
joe+n exposure and experience cd carbon rec 3
joe+n the best part of today was it wasn't yesterday cdr carbon rec 2
john charlton walking the red road cdr carbon rec 2
josh brown/carl kruger i'mma kill you if you stop t3e rok cdr krakilsk 2
k. saunders devices cdr private 2
kaleka trujnik cdr simlog 2
keimverbreitung the k sessions cd amplexus 3
kenji siratori future freedom cass taperape 2
kinetix possible forms 2cd monochrome vision 4
leaving earth the glowing cdr krakilsk 2
looproad acidfaketrax cdr acid fake 2
maciek szymczuk echoes cdr simlog 2
maskinanlegg godt norsk, kunstmuzik aus norwegen cdr smell the stench 2
maskinanlegg harsh & nervous cdr nervous nurse 2
maurizio bianchi a m.b. lehn tale cd small voices 4
maurizio bianchi carcimetrio cdr simlog 3
maurizio bianchi m.i. nheem alysm cd silentes 4
maurizio bianchi muitnelis cdr tibprod 3
maurizio bianchi r.c.e. cdr simlog 3
maurizio bianchi/siegmar fricke endokraniosis cdr tibprod 3
megatone mulberry forest voyage cdr krakilsk 2
midwich three days in, four to og cdr carbon rec 2
miguel a ruiz grosor cd monochrome vision 2
mike shiflet the days of lust and emptiness cdr deserted factory 2
mike shiflet xenakis youth cdr carbon rec 2
mono-drone all inclusive cdr f.m. records 2 original release, later released on tibprod
mort douce another world cdr simlog 2
mundus mantis/køns split cdr organic pipeline 2
mutant ape a fine momento cdr krakilsk 2
mystified instability cdr ambolthue 2
napalm soup with screws in it 9 months pregnant cdr crg 3
nimh/nefelheim whispers from the ashes cd amplexus 3
nixilx.jijilx cdr absurd 2 (absurd #38)
noring/mcgee blue planet cdr hal mcgee prod. 2
norwegian noise orchestra there's no remorse cdr roggbif 3 fetveit, melbye, andersen, borgen, marakel, toft, klev, mikalsen, haltevik, matheussen, svenning, monsen, prytz, hatterud, narverud
nothingisttrue/iversen split cdr legion sudan 2
odrz odrz05 cdr tibprod 3
old fashioned donkeys carnival is burning cdr tibprod/gold soundz 2
origami republika kaleidoscopic #4 cdr ambolthue 3
origami republika kaleidoscopic #5 cdr ambolthue 3
origami republika kaleidoscopic #6 cdr ambolthue 3
origami statika/mystified wrath of gawd/quality bones cdr krakilsk 2
osc707 suite 1 cdr tibprod 2
osc707 suite 2 cdr tibprod 2
paolo veneziani the first floor cdr tibprod 2
paolo veneziani the puddle ep cdr tibprod 2
paul velat urchin cdr stop/eject 2
pengo alchemy and bullshit cdr carbon rec 2
poltergeist cdr deserted factory 2
poochlatz victims of self preservation cd m.appelbaum prod. 2
psycheout nachspiel noise banned room cdr krakilsk 2
pyogenic/swamps up nostrils chasers/screamers cdr krakilsk 2
quotidian assemblages volume four cdr hal mcgee prod. 2 feat cheapmachines, iversen, napalmed a.o.
rafael flores nubes, cometas, rumores y orugas cd monochrome vision 4
raven cracon/torturing noise the incredible 17000 km split cdr 8k Mob rec. 2
screening low end cd m.appelbaum prod. 2
sindre bjerga and joe+n slow collapse/building nature cdr carbon rec 3
sound_00 flower ep 3"cdr minor label 2
subhuman untitled II 3"cdr abgurd 2
sunday noise 'peace' fucking hospital cdr private 2
swamps up nostrils remixed reconstruct 3 2xcdr tibprod/krakilsk 3 remixes from iversen, chefkirk, robert horton, omnid a.o.
swamps up nostrils/guignol dangereux shitbreather cdr krakilsk 2
th26 la haine cd small voices 3
the sonic catering band live from the canteens of atlantis 2cd absurd 5
thelmo cristovam trombone cdr krakilsk 2
tore honoré bøe freezer burn cdr humbug 2
tore honoré bøe/emmanuel mieville split 3"cd tibprod 4
torstein wjiik balloon cdr ambolthue 2
torstein wjiik have a noise day cdr ronf records 2
torstein wjiik komprimert munn cdr 2
torstein wjiik ny arm cdr 2
torstein wjiik tape music vol. 2 cass ambolthue 2
torstein wjiik tape music vol. 3 cass taperape 2
torstein wjiik war cdr ambolthue 2
torstein wjiik untitled cdr 2
torstein wjiik/swamps up nostrils øresus og dus cdr krakilsk/ambolthue 2
tüsüri idhylio ephoka 3"cdr tibprod 3
tzesne kraken (la leyenda) cdr seriesnegras 6
tzesne one side and other of the door cdr seriesnegras 6
tzesne/iversen ends of humidity and electricity cdr seriesnegras 6
ultimate combat core breakdance cdr 8k Mob rec. 2
urna issadquumdahle cdr abgurd 2
various all i want for xmass is bowel disrupting noise cdr stop/eject 2 feat chefkirk, pulse emitter, koff koff a.o.
various don't get annoyed, get inspired cd ambolthue 6 feat marhaug, or/galaktika, iversen, maskinanlegg, ryfylke, wjiik, kobi a.o.
various klubb kanin 5 oktober cdr krakilsk 2 feat lebensraum, helmeticrononaut, s.u.n. a.o
various klubb kanin november 2006 cdr krakilsk 2 feat. Eiko, erik blekesaune, øyvind koppang eriksen, swamps up nostrils, noodt/nohr a.o.
various noise decay, noises and such from denmark, vol. 1 cdr organic pipeline 2 incl. Polarforsker, wäldchengarten, nxfxtxex a.o.
various observation point volume 2 cdr dirty demos 2 feat bjerga/iversen, patten, dead wood, red needled sea, blackpepper a.o.
various stavanger-split cdr legion sudan 2 feat iversen, koff koff, scullfaced moon
various what more do you need than a recorder cdr ambolthue 4
various, hair club tapes gay for noise cass hair club tapes 4 compilation feat nine inch males, chefkirk, carl kruger, brian klein, omnid a.o.
vectorscope monitoring the blind cd m.appelbaum prod. 2
verhaverbeke krzyzosiak/vygandas simbelis ikkuna/in army of lovers cdr abflug rec 2
wander cd small voices 4
weltstromen primordial psychedelia of ice and sun cass arysopher distro 2
xv paròwek like a blobel cdr simlog 2
zenial hi-pi cdr simlog 2
zenial impas cdr simlog 2
zwichnieci dandysi 23_24 cdr simlog 2
aabzu/phylr the shape of lost things cd simlog 3