'No Shelter' (Split w/Feber Spoor) on Anima mal nata

Chefkirk/Fever Spoor - No Shelter
Overall Rating: C+
Composition: C
Sounds: C
Production Quality: C+
Concept: C+
Packaging: C-
The boys of wanky noise present 4 long tracks of varied harsh noise attacking your eardrums with all sorts of frequencies. Normally this isn't really my choice of noise as it seems to lack a lot of character. Chefkirk often presents loops that mix in with the noise quite well, it's not badly composed. "240 Varieties of Potato" is a bit harsher then the first track "Hello H5N!!!." It feels a bit more effective because of how the sounds seem to react with each other a bit more. They hit harder as well, but it still ends up seeming like an experimental mess, like a broken robot going on a killing spree. There are some good moments in 240 Varieties of Potato but overall it remains relatively ineffective. With "People Need An Enemy" Fever spoor bursts in with a mix that has a little less clarity. The noise is mashed together and has some annoying factors to it that rub me the wrong, like the ultra-high pitched frequencies mixed with the otherwise muffled noise, it just doesn't really work. The noise is mid-rangy and bland somewhat reminding me of Gelsomnia's average work. There is a bit of evolution to things here because by 5 minutes in the frequency range has opened up a bit and there are rumbling bulldozers slowly plodding along underneath to eventually run you down. "Seas of Fire and Glass" continues the raging storm that People Need An Enemy brought us with flapping cardboard-like low end and pushing, droning mids. It's ok but it still feels as faceless as ever. This is probably my personal favorite track on the split because of the constant wall of undulating noise it's not too bad. There some great moments around 5'30" where Fever Spoor features repeated noise blasts that have a good effect on the sound, just enough to keep me going. Overall it's another decent release from these guys but nothing that really grabs me. The noise remains relatively generic with moments that rise above mediocrity but nothing that really amazes. Blood Ties

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