'kik-kik-kikkik' is out on 1000+1 TiLt.

7/10 - [1000+1 Tilt]
Here's another from the ever productive Chefkirk, this time a concise seven tracks in around 30 minutes. As usual there's a range of material, with individual cuts running anywhere from two minutes to more than seven, but I have to say that overall I find this to be a little more consistent and atmospheric, so it's among my favorites of his work that I've encountered over the last couple of years. "Sweeping Wingbeats" and "Woodlands" are both rather brief excursions into minimalism without much layering, but both act to start things off on a nice and balanced level that I enjoy. The chaotic percussive bursts in the earlier chunk of "(40-49 cm)" disturb an otherwise excellent dark ambient styled collection, but these textures are still really interesting and unusual, so while I was a little let down by their initial introduction, I don't mind so much in the grand scheme of things. Faint little melodies even seep into the flitting textures and whirrs of "Groves", which could be an incredibly promising maneuver in the future with a little more exploration; while "Probably Extinct" is a little harsher in its use of high-end and light distortion over a persistent loop, but it's nothing too terribly aggressive, and works well when the types of strange melodic subtleties heard in "Groves" seem to swell into the distance towards the end. "Kit-Kit-Kit" has a lot of contrast and spaciousness going on, shifting between different volume levels and degrees of layering, but possessing a glitchy electronic aesthetic throughout. As usual I have nothing but compliments for the recording quality, which is as crisp as ever. The volume levels are full and use the space wisely, and the clarity doesn't give the impression that everything is digital and lifeless at all in fact quite the opposite is true of how the sounds come across. This time out the CD-R comes in a very nice looking black and white sleeve that's got one of the panels partially sealed down to hold the disc in place. Everything is printed in black and white and the label on the face of the disc has a light dusting of red spraypaint over it for added texture, with all of the imagery sticking to somewhat bleak cityscapes and such. Definitely atypical of the norm for Chefkirk, but certainly an effective little presentation. I'm unsure as to whether or not this would be considered an EP, but I like this work, and I feel like the running time makes a nice go of offering up a variety of sounds and moving along, but never feeling dull. It's a compact and generally cohesive affair, and one that marks some of Roger Smith's finest work thus far under the Chefkirk banner. I imagine this is limited edition, so take that into consideration if you're planning to track this down. Running time - 29:43, Tracks: 7 [Notable tracks: Sweeping Wingbeats, Woodlands, Groves]

Roger H Smith, aka Chefkirk, wants to be, it seems, to be the Merzbow of the CDR world, with yet another release. In his usual rhythm 'n noise vein, he produces seven tracks, of around thirty minutes (his albums are never Merzbowian in length!), that slowly develops into something much more enjoyable. His rhythms are becoming steady, the noise around it also, and even manages to incorporate musical elements, or dare I say, some ambient elements in his music. 'Kik-kik-kikkik' is perhaps one of his musically more varied enterprises thus far. Still probably a long way to come, but with all these small and subtle changes, he might be getting somewhere one day. (Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard)

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