A belated christmas release by Chefkirk, in a super limited edition of 24 copies only. I am not sure if there is a christmas theme to this release, but the three tracks, close to thirty minutes are all about heavy noise manipulations of samples and turntablism. Turntablecanibalism. Things are pretty heavy on this release and it sort of sets back time for Chefkirk to the earlier parts of his career and sadly doesn't appeal to me very much. Nice for the lovers of the digital Merzbow onslaughts, but I think I preferred the more recent Chefkirk music much better. I guess just for those twenty-four die-hards who can't get enough of Chefkirk. Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

The last chefkirk review I did wasn't an extremely positive one on some levels in that I more or less stated that the project was getting a bit stale and remaining in the same basic direction. Well, listening to "Pychnontus Jocosus" has most definitely made me want to put my foot in my mouth.

The first track here is some of the expected wacky goodness; heavily manipulated screechy samples and digital noises, all pitch shifted in the manic and insane chefkirk fashion. But the other two tracks featured here have the chef going into more of a brooding dark ambient area, low end rumbles and drones lacerated with odd pieces of high end shrapnel here and there, kind of like if the chef listened to Habeeb for awhile. Still spastic at times but for the most part more subdued, which makes the bursts of violence that much more interesting.

The new territory here is refreshing and though not completely earth shattering it is testament to the fact that chefkirk still kicks ass. This is limited to 24 copies, a lot of which were given away as Christmas presents, so if this baby is still around go lap it up. Royce Icon, Industrial.or

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