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Delirio Sonoro was born in 1991, when four musicians, coming from different musical experiences, decided to rearrange some old songs belonging to Saulo Chiaramoni and Daniele Santini's repertory. In addition to the two members mentioned above, the original line-up features also Roberto Cruciani (Fleurs Du Mal, Grey Lagoon) on bass and Alessandro Piscini on guitar.


The first recording "Delirio Sonoro", released in 1992, was positively reviewed by many musical magazines. This first work is characterized by a psychedelic sound, but several influences can be heard in it. Most of the lyrics are from the Anglo-Saxon literature (Blake, Wordsworth, E. A. Poe). In 1993 the group became a five-member band with the coming of Marko Resurreccion on guitars, keyboards, noise. Some months later Alessandro Piscini left the band to form another group, but the others decided to go on without replacing him.


The second recording "Bottiglie e tempo" was released in June 1996; this work is very different from the first one: a peculiarity of this release is the strive to find new ways in rhythms, lyrics, sounds and song structures.


In 1998 the single "Condizione umana" was published in the Blu Mix label CD "Estromissioni". This CD also features some of the most important bands of the 1998 Rome underground rock scene like Fleurs Du Mal, Cat Fud, Angel's Leap, and Black Dahlia Confession.


In 2000 Delirio Sonoro started to conceive "Atto Terzo"; this album was affected by a long process of redefinition and was published only in 2009.


In the meanwhile in 2008 was released an album of Remixes (Remixes 2000 - 2005) that Delirio Sonoro made for other artists. Due to copyright reasons this album doesn't include  a Beastie Boys remix (3 The Hard Way) and "It's the old school with the new school" from the Stylophonic album "Man Music Technology".


"Atto Terzo" is maybe the darest experiment by Delirio Sonoro, an album that redefines Psychedelic Rock on a new shape: short songs, blended with electronica and prog rock, looking at the same time in the past with reference of the great 70's bands like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind, but with a step into the future.





Line up:


Roberto Cruciani: bass, vocals

Paolo Parea: guitars, lead vocals

Alessandro Piscini: guitars

Daniele Santini: drums, programming, percussion, synthesizers, sampling, bass, lead vocals





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