Chefkirk - Selection of Domestic Products

'Selection of Domestic Products' is out on Organic Pipeline.

I have another chefkirk cd waiting the be reviewed that I received before this one, but this is limited to 50 copies, a lot of which have sold out, so I figured I'd review it first while there are still some copies available. Because of this, this'll be pretty short, but hey, there isn't much I can say about Roger's stuff that I haven't already said already.

Selections of domestic products lays somewhat in between chefkirk's minimal material and his more spastic walls of sound, the majority of sound here being somewhat of a combination of the two. As is usual, there are lots of cool drones and clicks and beeps and hiss and chaotic weirdness and skree on display here, but there are also more melodies within the noise as well. Buried deep sometimes, sure, but they're definitely there. These melodies seldom linger for very long, remaining in a 2 or 4 pattern for but a couple seconds, but they are rather cool and add an extra layer of depth to the overall sound.

I especially dig the use of cheesy synth riffs that are occasionally scattered about , and the almost gabberish bleeps and rhythmic noise bursts kick ass as well. The weird reverberated train whistle/ moan sound on track 9 ("wolves, varieties of) is pretty stand out too, as is the way that said track builds up to a nice climax.

This is another good dish of noise from everyone's favorite chef, and if you want to taste it for yourself, you best hurry yourself on to the kitchen before all the yum yum is gone.
Royce Icon, Industrial.org

And Chefkirk... well, Chefkirk just goes on. Here on a new label from Danmark, presenting twelve of his shorter rhythm & noise pieces. Computer manipulations play of course the leading part in this music. In 'Analog Of Variations' we hear field recordings leaking through all the plug ins, and that is a rare thing for the music of Chefkirk. Normally his manipulations are taken to an extreme level, and nothing of the original can be recognized. Although I must admit that I find it hard to point out the exact changes in his work, overall the recent Chefkirk output has gained a certain power. It seems as though Roger Smith puts in more and more thought in music, trying to get some structure to it, making it more and more interesting for the listener and not just for the musician. Noise is his main thing still, but he's getting there to balance it.
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

A new limited (to 50 copies) cdr by Roger H. Smith aka Chefkirk. I was not impressed by his split with Iversen, but this work is definitely better and shows a clear progression in his approach to noise. Chefkirk basically makes digital harsh noise, apparently mincing sound samples through some plug in or real time processing. Here and there the tracks sound redundant or unrefined, and I'd have cropped this short cdr even more - but as a whole, Chefkirk's vandalism is quite well done, fierce and varied enough to keep it interesting. The sound quality is crisp, so even basic frequencies are well audible. At his best, Smith reaches a disquieting organic variation of harsh noise - when he uses natural sounds (insects, horses, wolves... or so I think) he definitely gets captivating results ("Wolves, varieties of", "Blind insects"). Chefkirk still has to further develop his sound, but as it is this is a nice work.
Review by: Eugenio Maggi, Chain DLK

Yes this my 2nd taste of the chefkirk team. Lets see were it takes us. Right now I don' feel as impressed with this as the 1st release I got. Its seems all over the place and its just analog noodling with a fucking radio signal and a crappy broken synth. Don't get my wrong experimentation or avant grade music has it place and there a lot of great ones I love. But when noise artist come here it always seems to suck. This is what I would expect to see at a shitty local all age noise show at a hall or some ones basement. after 4 tracks it just gives me not interested to continue on with this review . Maybe this is the sophmore curse I don't know. All I know this isn't for me. absolute zero media

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