Chefkirk Remixes and Compilations:


're 07 has worms mix1 & 're 11 great hair mix' & 'main course mix' featured on 'Reconstruct 1 - Iversen Remixed' on TIBProd.

'12456' featured 'Reconstruct 2 - Cadmium Dunkel Remixed' on TIBProd.

'ome 08-2003 (kitchen utility mix)' featured on Christian Galarreta - ome 08-2003 on Simlog Rec.


'EDr42' & 'Rrack5' featured on 'Noise to Meet You USA'
(Out on Simlog)

'Paul IV (1555-1559)' featured on Il Programma Di Religione
Out on Boyarm.

'NANO SPILL' featured on Entr'acte compilation Entr'acte Sampler Vol.3

'230-8bn978v' featured on Alamagator 4-CDR Compilation

'72203309' featured on Nervous Nurse Compilation

'meatHELLpak' featured on Brise-Cul Rec. sampler.

'x-mass' featured on 'All I Want For Xmas Is Bowel Disrupting Noise'
Out now on STOP / EJECT

'zgvimiiii' featured on 'Catzenjammer, cd2' Out on TIBProd.

'forcefeeding' on compilation from Legion Sudan

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