Atkins Will Kill You EP

Samsa Records

whole 'lotta noise generated from one ubiquitously anonymous character going by the odd moniker Chefkirk. Between his releases on Samsa, TibProd and Simple Logic this kid's off and running the prolific marathon for recording new music. In some ways that shows a bit here in that the regurgitated feedback just gets to me after a while. It is an uneven recording where nothing new except for a level of effective faded restraint just is open to improvisational interpretation. But its barren and grating until you get to the tickly "Empty Houses" where ping-pong percussion yuck it up some. The sound effective latex-stretching of "4tbbt4" is punctuated by some quick wiry frequency at key points. And the finishing touches on the repetitive recycling of "Food Combining" makes this one a recipe with a combination of mixed ingredients in one bowl. To these ears I am seeing a trend in the past three Chefkirk releases, an experimental phase as he gains ground. He opens cans, strikes metal to a beat, it's a street performance on a dead end.
TJ Norris/Igloo Mag.

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