'analysis of anxieties' out on Krakilsk

Did you ever wonder how anxieties might be percieved if manifested in a purely audial format? Well, wonder no more, grab yourself a copy of Chefkirk's analysis of anxieties. Intense schreeching high frequencied glitch-noise, wonderfully popping staic, teared up feedback and tortourous blips'n'beeps layered with micro-textures of the finest calibre, all made by no-input mixer/sp-202... Imagine angry renegade nano-viruses eating at your brain stem while overloading every single nerve cell in your inner ear while boosting your adrenocrome production and at the same time forcing you to remember every anxious thought you ever had in your entire life... Of course, some people will also find this music brilliantly pleasant, stimulating and delicious... Me being of the latter sort, I must say am very happy to release this great album on krakilsk.

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