'analysis of anxieties' out on Krakilsk

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Overall Rating: D
Composition: D+
Sounds: D+
Production Quality: F
Concept: C
Packaging: C

Chefkirk has once again succeeded in topping every artist I have ever heard before in making probably the most annoying album I have ever heard. It is of course advertised on the booklet that ďall tracks are untitled and recorded strait to hard discĒ when are people going to understand that this isn't really something you want to advertise unless you've created something worthwhile? The last time I can think of being really impressed with a note like that was in Merzbow's Pulse Demon. Most of the time, I see that and brace myself for something that I'm not going to like. This sounds exactly like someone sat down, hooked up some pedals/mixer, etc. and starting recording onto their hard drive. If that's the kind of thing you're into, here you have it. The sounds are very similar throughout the work, usually alternating between extremely plain and harsh high-end frequency feedback and pushing mid-range pedal feedback. Really boring stuff, I feel like I've heard these sounds a thousand times and the way they're arranged does absolutely nothing for me. On top of what feels like a total lack of inspiration, the production quality here is also terrible with the signal left channel being extremely weak and the right being almost the loudest recording I've ever heard. It just makes the annoying sounds even more so, and seems to be a blatant error that makes the fact that this was released even more embarrassing. I've felt like over the last few releases Chefkirk has been refining his sound quite a bit and succeeding in recording a harsher, more streamlined approach. Adding a cohesiveness that he seemed unable to match in his cryptic and mostly scatterbrained concepts. ďAnalaysis of AnxietyĒ is most definitely a step in the wrong direction and it's too bad because I like the simple yet effective packaging with artwork that, surprise, isn't pixelated and is actually cut to fit in the sleeve.


Artist: chefkirk
Release: Analysis Of Anxieties
Label: Krakilsk
Year: 2007
Format: CDr
Tracks: 14
TRT: 24:27

14 untitled tracks from chefkirk and along the lines of some more high pitched sounds that Iím use to hearing from this project. I remember a year ago I couldnít stand this style of noise but after projects like Caustic Castle and this one Iím really enjoying it and it doesnít bother me at all. Since thereís no track titles and it runs as if itís one long track Iíll just describe the release in total. Chefkrik seems to start out his noise with a subtle high pitch, thatís always either hanging around under other noise or comes in and out while he twitches his knobs. A few times through the release we get to hear some heavy bass noise and itís good to get once and a while as it keeps my ears in tune. Thereís also a few times we get to hear a lot of crashing noise going on, but once again we get checked back to a high pitch before something else happens. The artwork for this release is fairly simple. A picture of what looks like the aftermath of a small earthquake, pretty much a cracked road but it suites this release a lot I think. If youíve listened to chefkirk material youíll notice that all the tracks were recorded straight to hard disc with no edits. Very well done material but it isnít 100% "new" sounding from him either, just refreshing.

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