v/a: staedtizism 3 - instrumentals (~scape)

Berlin dub revival scene that extend around persons like Stefan Betke aka Pole, Jan Jelinek and Tomas Fehlmann, labels like Chain reaction, Basic channel, Klang elektronik, Source, ~scape is expanding more and more. Scape as one of the leading labels in that category contributes in globalisation and experimentalisation with that sound. One of phenomenons that are happening in that label, that as idea is developed by his owner Betke, are staedtizism complations which are three by now. The most interesting thing in this serial is that the experimentalism and fusion goes so far that every compilation has different concept in merging of dub sound with every other already classic sound in context of contemporary electronic production. First compilation is fusion between dub and dub, second dub with jazz and third dub with hip-hop. The sound is well known scape crunchy sound with warm basslines, that here for rhythm have hip-hop cliché of course modified for needs of experimental concept. Andrew Pekler, Bus, Jan Jelinek, Cappablack Components, Kit Clayton, System, Thomas Fehlmann are few of names that participates in almost all of the compilations same as on this, of course with that specific in sound for which they are asked. Hop-hop scheme is going to level that, by the rhytm that is indicator for the concept and which is mostly in instrumental hip-hop variation, there are also hip-hop vocals which are of course not classical but in good manner of underground hip hop. Despite it is too far from its releasing Tomas Felman has disclosed me the next secret of Stefan Betke. Staedtizism 4 will be fussion with funk.