va - silent season dub [thn039] (thinner)

once i said that thinner was a label of the year for 2002. and probably for the next couple of years. i started to follow their music and ideology from their very own start and from then i haven't stopped supporting them endlessly. they have a particular unique sound, that is like their id, but every release is in different mood and different direction. they are evidently in dub revival process with their sound, mixing many styles of contemporary music. from tech house, ambiental structures, trancey moments, ordinary techno… all that penetrated with their recognizable contemporary duby production. the best thing with thinner releases, despite their style intention, is that each of them is in its own direction giving another perspective of thinner aspects no matter if it is more rhythmic, ambiental or banging. that was the case with some of their last releases thn032 (simex) or thn036 ( that was more dance floor oriented, but from another side thn037 (luft) was more in soundscape direction.
thinner went to their 39th release! another compilation. silent season dub (thn039). this is the case where thinner style is in background soundscape slow mood. this compilation continues with the sound from a previous release (thn038, krill.minima). it's completely minimalistic ambient structured duby background music. perfect for filling the space around you with long warm atmospheres. fine, calm, soft, warm, beautiful, sophisticated mindscape soundtrack. smooth, long variations of one theme: trip through gorgeous places of the world.
although there was some calm and ambiental releases on thinner before this is something new. there wasn't so much calm stuff. this is thinner collective perspectives of the shimmer glare of summer. on this compilation among artists that have appearances on thinner releases by now, you can find some that haven't been in the crew. chronolux (dave ellesmere, kanzleramt), taho (substatic, f-com), luft (sensual physics, source), selfish, digitalis, benfay, falter (thinner)… are completing eleven pieces of monolith beauty. and if there is still need… a definition in one sentence: "versatile summer dub compilation with excursions into deep ambient".