va -  mitek: process (mitek)

it's really rare to get a compilation that is worth listening to through the end. but when you get it, it's a pleasure to enjoy it. the meaning of various artist compilations is to enjoy in its variety. in variety of artists and sound. from previous releases of swedish label mitek i can see that this label is concentrated in contemporary sound no matter if is rhythmic or more glitchy oriented but it should be strictly from sweden. and we already know that sweden has its own scene developed in right direction. most of those artists that are the core of the scene are compiled on this compilation. so its quality is certain. there are couple of artists that already have their releases on mitek, like folie, hakan lidbo, mikael stavostrand (owner of the label), martin jarl, sophie rimheden, minimalistic sweden, some that are waiting for their album on mitek like andreas tilliander and some artists that have never appeared on any of mitek releases. the first half of the compilation is more abstract oriented, showing the experimental perspective. son of clay and johan fotmeijer are offering glitchy, sinewavish, downbeat pieces with calm blurred vocals. sophie rimheden is standard in her intentions. electro glitch pop with cheep vocoder vocals that gives most inventive perspective of contemporary music, seen through its revival moments. same style as her beautiful album hi-fi (mitek11), that is one of the best for 2003. i can also say that folie is in the same stream as on his mitek album. one of the most beautiful tracks on this compilation is made by tilliander, artist that has couple of albums on labels like raster noton or mille plateaux, waiting for his mitek full length. dwayne sodahberg is offering a hard beat noisy track that continues with pfeffenbauer's track p_process. next is superproject minimalistic sweden with their foggy produced track. in this moment the rhythmic part of the compilation starts with the most prolific artist on the scene hakan lidbo. this phrase rhythmic means clicks n cuts, microhouse or minimal tech house as are the tracks of johan skuge, stavostrand, martin jarl and vita. martin jarl (artist that also appears on dance labels like konvex-konkav) is more into danceable part of tech house music. skuge is more click house oriented in the same way as on his deep and minimal 12" on mitek and stavostrand aka vita is more banging intentioned.
as i explained all tracks separately, probably there is no need for more explanation of this compilation. conclusion: the same as at the beginning of the review. a compilation that should be listened from the first to the last track enjoying its variety and difference in style without skipping tracks that do not belong to the roster.