v/a: geologists and professional tourists volume 2 (n&b research digest)

First meeting with this label was album White Nights, first album by Anton Nikkila on his label. One of the nights, last summer, filled with listening much new music; i include this album in the norm. From first sight of the cover my idea about this album was that it is dark ambient album. But when i play it i was shocked! It was most inventive combination that's looks like post-rock music brought to contemporary level of glitch or glitch music turned back to level of post-rock. One of most interesting albums for 2002. After that i listened Alexei Borisov album Before the Evroremont that wasn't bad too. Than i took all other albums (compilations) on n&b research digest. They are interesting but they are mostly important for Finnish experimental scene because they are representing history of Finnish underground, as the name of nbrd-02 tells - samples from Helsinki underground 1981-1987. Their third release is also with historical meaning. Old studio recordings (1992-1993) by F.R.U.I.T.S. Moscow's senior experimentalists. First release on n&b research digest is geologists and professional tourists volume 1, compilation that collects new experimental artists from Moscow, Helsinki and Brussels which sound spreads from transcendental gabber, post-soviet minimal beats with melodic elements of muzak, camp-fire, guitar etc…
Here we have its second incarnation. Concept is same as the name tells, just with different extension - volume 2. That means different tracks and probably different artists. This is second volume of geographically dispersed psycho-geological audio-expeditions documented in compilation series geologists and professional tourists that showcases non-homogenized, individual, endemic music from Russia, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Belgium, usa and Ukraine. That means that this volume has expanded in other parts of the world in collaborative sense. First track on this volume is track by Critical, a collaborative project that collects musicians from usa, Sweden and Ukraine. Critical are: Jeff Surak that we know from his label Zeromoon, Andrey Kiritchenko from Ukraine that runs Nexsound label and Jonas Lindgren musician from Sweden. If first track hides so eclectic combination of artists what will be in deeper parts of this compilation. We already know the sound of Alexei Borisov (Moscow) and Anton Nikkila (Helsinki). Here they appear with track So Few Good Moustaches that is in their particular so much interesting sound. They also have 2 more tracks here (Quiet Lound, Moskowrytm), that are live recording variations from previous released tracks with added rhythms and vocals. Next track is quiet piece from Leif Elggren (Sweden) called The Cobblestone is the Weapon of Proletariat and than sinewavish track from Membranoids (Russia), a pseudo-scientific/conceptual project. Theodor Bastard appears next with their rhythmic experiment Se'~ko/ that is originally released on their album Bossa Nova Trip on Planktone label in Russia. Following tracks from Benzo (audio-ethnographic project from Russia), KK. Null & Alexei Borisov and Pink Twins are mix of unpredictable glitchy lap top explorations. Last 4 unmentioned artists that appear on this comp are Anton Aeki with his micro oriented Semipalatinsk, Technical Acoustics Lab with melodic glitch named as Asphaltei, Government Alpha with noise track Pain Killer and F.R.U.I.T.S. with Mineral Wasser.
Globally sound of this compilation is on borders of glitchy, cut up electronics and noise/sinewave sounds with periodical rhythmic and vocal experiment excursions. Many big and upcoming artists are collected on one place showing one particular sound from particular region as concept. I see n&b research digest as really interesting label that treat the sound of the moment. Keep following this label.