v/a: anchor (saag)

First touch with this interesting label was their really cute designed site that gave me feeling that their sound is equaled cute. Quiet nice list of artist that produces fine experimental sounds compiled on this Japanese label saag. On anchor compilation (first release on saag) you can find more know artists, like proswell or more unknown like someshit and logreybeam. If we dig deeper into sound of the comp we can find sound that spreads from fine ambient soundscapes like first track dokama by lograybeam or 4 matins from proswell to glitchy moments of toshiaki ooi on track energy in woods. There is also some rhythmic stuff that shows different approach of saag sound, like track victurm from somshit that is quiet warp oriented or really sweet track lofing brown by ilkae. There is also some deep dark ambient stuff like ceylon tiles from sabi or mellow ambient rhythmic stuff from sense and epoq. Most of the tracks are maybe in conventional region of ambient sound that at least we can say its heard by now but at the very own end complete feeling of this comp is that this is very good start for label which intention is digging in new approaches in ambiental structures of sound. Waiting for their second comp and first full-length release.