v./ultra milkmaids: drone + unease (zeromoon)

I didn't pay much attention to this release when i received it. But now i understand that i was wrong. When i listened to it again i realized that it will make a really good experimental release. I haven't heard anything by this label till then. Zeromoon records. The first 3 tracks are ambiental, i can say dark ambient with nice noisy parts. Not too distorted but calm, when u r smoothly slipping into the 4th track which is probably the finest. Beautiful, epic, wonderful, magic, female vocals are singing like thru a dark deep cave calling for something mysteriously. After that u can expect a long sinewavish trip that is becoming more and more noisy to its end. The album ends just like the atmosphere before promised. With a fine twinkling piece that becomes more and more beautiful as the album comes to its end.
zeromoon are now planning some other great releases. I can announce the secret: a release by one of my favorite artists andrey kirichenko. Very good start.