t.raumschmiere - the great rock 'n' roll swindle (shitkatapult)

Berlin. The final frontier as far as contemporary music is concerned! You are already familiar with the names like ~scape, meteosound, Alec Empire with his digital hardcore, the pop-oriented Morr Music and City Centre offices. This time I am presenting you a label, not yet mentioned in any of our music reviews, meet shitkatapult. A label with a rather provocative name, a pretty exciting flash site and a monthly newsletter which lets you find out more about the sound of shitkatapult before you even hear it. Speaking of the sound, the first impression i got before hearing anything at all was that there is a bit of dub and tech house implemented in the whole story, this was when realizing that Rechenzentrum, an important berlin based project, have released under this label. Later, I found out that the label's owner, T.Raumschmiere, is in fact a tattooed punk who doesn't try too hard to remain one today. His latest release under this label, "The great rock ' n ' roll swindle", like it's name suggests, is entirely symptomatical. This is actually a collection of his 12" singles also released for this label. Concerning the style that these singles emit, this is the modern equivalent of punk music today. From the hard-housy variations to the electro-house sound, apparently mind-blowing at his sets, typical for his abrasive short experiments between the tracks. The eclecticism which T.Raumschmiere also treats is evident, as well as the dancefloor orientation in his music. More invigorating than the classic electro, more exciting than electro clash, more fashionable and more dynamical than house! So, put on your DM's and everybody on pogo!