t.raumschmiere - radio blackout (novamute)

powerful, really powerful music indeed! shitkatapult and t.raumschmiere are names which you will notice quite often within these pages. it's probably because they present the most exciting thing going on in the scene which interests us. his collection of singles "the great rock'n'roll swindle" released for his label shitkatapult is surely one of the more revolutionary releases we get these days. the reaction right after that release is being signed for an evidently important label, novamute. radio blackout is a modern album. an album made up-to-date and used as such. with a more contemporary production, additional style expressions and enhanced spirit. likewise a dose of club-orientation and an amazing design + four videos which can be seen. for those in search of music which you will like and will excite you at the same time, this is the right album for you! t.raumschmiere is the artist of the moment.