soul junk - 1958 (sounds are active)

its pretty hard to find quality hip hop release these days in these conditions of hyper productive, garbage, commercial, r&b, hip hop scene. there are still some underground labels that release quality underground hip hop but this is still conventional. soul junk are evidently into hip hop music but they are deconstructing it with completely contemporary moments. soul junk produces contemporary glitch hop or noise hop. this means that their hip hop vocals are supported with glitchy cut up electronics that are common for contemporary electronic production. this is a beautiful example of contemporary crossover of new music and old fashioned hip hop vocals that are also giving other perspective of sterile dry noisy electronics. lots of samples putted in blender and mixed till they loose their form and took another in new context. this is a perfect combination if we are talking about fresh moments in new music. really inventive approach and balanced to the end. music that must be heard.