sophie rimheden - hi-fi (mitek)

there are much more male artists in experimental scene than female, but those that are working in it are even better than most of male artists. one of those is sophie rimheden, most expanding swedish female experimental artists on the scene today. she is also a film student living and working in stockholm. this is his first album under her own name. before this she has an album under name hayce on label memento material and also works under ban ham. she has appearances on compilations like electric ladyland (mille plateaux), electrixmas, as well as a remix for universal poplab (subspace communication). and what can i say about hi-fi album? gorgeous! absolutely beautiful. pure summer school reading (listening). beautiful effected vocals over cut up glitchy electronica, hardly produced rhythms and on places pure pop. sound scapes in most spectacular manner of tujiko noriko, japaneese queen of experimental pop electronica. influences are evident: a combination of eighties disco, funk, pop in most mainstream sense, glitch, contemporary dub… that in its fusion gives glitchy distorted disco pop with some electro rhythms and funky melodies. maybe this combination seems absurd or ridiculous but its genius. all tracks are written, produced by sophie herself and also all vocals interpreted by her. a pure do it yourself female product.