johan skugge: quarters ep (mitek)

Lovely minimal dubby clickhouse soundscapes, with an atmospheric sound, not unlike Mitek-labelowner Mitek Stavöstrand's music. 'Quarters' is released on the incredibly cool and swedish label Mitek, who first and foremost releases minimalistic dub, and also house, funk and occationally something like microsound and breakbeat releases, from various Scandinavian artists, that besides Skugge and Stavöstrand also counts Folie, Hĺkan Lidbo, Claudia Bonarelli, Sophie Rimheden and Andreas Berthling. 'Quarters' is Johan Skugge's Mitek-debut, but later this year, the ep will be followed by a full length album. My knowledge of Johan Skugge is very little, although I've heard a little bit of the drastic change in his music, that has happened since the debutalbum 'Objects And Buildings' on Source Records. While the debutalbum was in the minimal clicks'n'cuts-, basicly microsound-corner, 'Quarters' is based in the dubhouse-corner. In that corner Johan Skugge is now solid placed with his melancholic synths, deep basses, clicks, pleasant 4/4's, broken melodies, and dubby outbursts. There is no doubt; Johan Skugge obviously knows what he is doing. 'Quarters' is truly a thrilling and interesting 12", although it in my opinion get's too 'smooth' now and then, which easily can make this release harder noticeable between lots of other releases in this particular genre.