rumpistol - rumpistol (rump)

i got this cd couple of days ago. listened to it once while working and it seemed like more idm-ish oriented release. listening to it now once again more concentrated. and yes this is quite post idm style oriented stuff, despite more intelligent than classic post intelligent dance music sound. it is something between metamatics, eu, novel 23, russian newcomers synthetica or stuff that are released on label pause_2... but as i said there is something more intelligently in this release, something more intentional. its classic side is more close to german pop electronica that comes from city centre offices or morr music. calm rhythms, warm melodies, pop sense, clearness... there is also some hidden duby influence that is revealing through produced vinyl clicks and crackles and delayed snares which gives some close touch to german experimental dub scene. this can be all clear as we know that jens berents christiansen aka rumpistol (danish for spacegun) is inspired by all those scenes. that's why this release is quite eclectic in its approach but equal in production.
this is jens debut album and first on his own label rump recordings. due to highly positive response of the critics and audience on the limited edition of this release rum recordings is now re-releasing it in a bit different version with different cover, one new track and a remix by danish artist pondul.
evidently new post idm scene is growing and it is getting more and more accepted although there is not much innovation in the sound in difference with classic idm. all this is probably because it is calm, not so experimental and close to home listening. but that gives less thrill to it. anyway, this doesn't hurt this album because beside its pop and post idm oriented side it has more experimental and justified side. this artist has a future.