queen of japan: head rush (echokammer)

I got couple of cds from echokammer and when i first look at them with intention to play something first (cause it is good to play just one cd at once) i look at the covers and choose this one. i know design tells a lot! and i didn't get lied my self with that conclusion. Cover is beautiful drawing of the band in weird manga style. But it is better not to describe that before u see it. So better concentrate on music. Do u know what sex is? You sure do. And this is it, just transferred and translated into sound. This project queen of japan (Koneko - vocals, Jo Ashito - guitar, Jason Arigato - bass) is sexiest thing i have heard recently. Strange but i fell in love with them on first listening. Their first song do you think im sexy? shows the sound that u can find later. It is mixture between oldschool electro with electro clashy flavor but in its essence its most fresh electronic sound that can be found, despite it looks hearded before. But that's other perspective of the album of this sexy combo. All of the songs are cover versions of old hit songs that u know so very well; despite u haven't listened such kind of pop music. Here can be found duran duran and queen, right side fred and rod stewart... you can hear i love rock n roll and i'm to sexy, cool cat and i was made for loving you... u can not even imagine the sexiness of how this guys covers this all-star hits. "They hypnotize the g-spots of their fans with their raunchy cover versions". This is so true that i probably can not believe it. By the way do u know what cybersex is?