pub: singles (ampoule)

Pub has become familiar to me after his release summer remixes (remixes of his track summer) release for, by than, for me mystical label vertical form. This release was a real revelation to me in period in which it was released in music at all, not just in electronic music, in which direction belongs according to its structural constitution. If u can remember, on this remix album there were also deconstructions of mister Delay among others, which with his extendedness and overflowing was uncovering him immediately. This album stands in my all time best albums list. However some time exploring later arrives one release from this mystical man who signs as pub. Some similar sensibility, not so amorphous and abstract but with more baroque atmosphere and more ratio. It's not the thing that I was expecting but some things still should be explored. Mystery about vertical form label was uncovered completely after my mail written to them with interest for some more information about their discography. Their site contains just from their email... This label comes from England. Same as pub. Exactly Scotland. Already are uncovered more fields. I can say all. Singles is release which is exactly collection of singles released on vinyl on label ampoule, owned by pub himself. From a long time ago England and Britain are not places from where comes music that I will listen, but this pub release and vertical form are cases in which rules are braking. Singles is completely amorphous and ambiental album which integrity builds nebulous, blurry dimension from sound that fills the space. A little bit similar to summer but with stronger accent of abstractity than the rhythm, however abstract and spilled he is. Rhythm if there is any, is built out of whole ambiental atmosphere that breaks. Coincidence to be more serious, from listening of this release you can get same feeling as from summer remixes. Completely familiar, as almost listened, but good as hell and unrepeatable inventive. Where is the end?