origami galaktika: the power of compassion ep (duplicate)

Duplicate records is new independent label that releases exclusive recordings by obscure quality acts. Their intention is to bring listener something unique with each release, transcending the gray mainstream conformity of today's music industry. Their first ep release was totally different from this one that sows their eclectic approaches to sound. Instead of that old school guitar sound this ep is bringing old school ambient sound. That's completely reasonable. Origami galactica is musical outlet of Benny Braaten and one of the most prolific underground ambient acts to rise out of Norway, alongside names like Deathprod and Biosphere (rune grammofon, touch). So its very logical why sound is so predictable. Probably same low ambient sound that comes from cold and dark Scandinavian atmosphere and obscure places. He is also using sound sources from places like Estlanding caves and Norwegian glaciers. This two piece ep is equal in its sound so its like entire piece divided in two parts.