monobond: atom infant (pale_mother recordings)

Monobond is Vomitus, aka. Kasper Bolding Rasmussen from Ĺrhus, Denmark. Besides music under the name Monobond (which is glitch), Vomitus also makes music as Ellis One, Ö'dem, nHIle and Kloroform. Besides that, he is also a member of the band Medicinal Smell. He is also the owner of the label Pale_Mother Recordings, that mostly releases noise and glitch releases with artists from in and outside of Denmark. Earlier the label has, among other artists, released music by Surgical Mental Klinik, Mugen, Soil, Skizofrenia and Phosphorescence. 'Atom Infant' is, among other of Vomitus' releases, also released on Pale_Mother. Besides Pale_Mother, Vomitus also is the owner of the brand new label, Synthetic Waste, where the music is a bit more minimal than on Pale_Mother. He also is a part of many other projects.

'Atom Infant' is a really good album, based on noisesamples, that sucks the listener into the music, and it basicly feels like the listener is experiencing the music her/himself. Like the title implies, the music sounds something like atombombs exploding, buildings in the big city being bombed, people searching for help, radioactivity, helicopters and so on...
The inspirations for the music comes from different artists like: Autechre, Oval, Coil, Matmos, Roger Rotor, Axione and Plastikman.
The cd and the cover is packed in a little cloth-bag, that gives the album personality. The cover is the picture of a major big city, completely empty, and the cover fits the music nicely, though I mean you shouldn't judge the music by the cover, since the music is so much better than the cover, in this case.
'Atom Infant' should sometime in 2003, be followed by Kasper's second album, 'Vibra', on Acid Fake Recordings. Before 'Atom Infant' was released, Kasper released a 7" ('Terrón Repath') + a 3" ('Thitles') as Monobond. I very much look forward to hearing Kasper's next album as Monobond, as all other names his music has been released under.