merzbow: a taste of... (mego)

Merzbow! The god of noise. When i say this i mean this literally. He is the pioneer of harsh noise music, hyper productive noise master of old and new millennium. Deconstructor of classic idea of music and producer of most brutal harsh sounds or improvised noise. Hyper productive by default! He has released million releases in which is collected and from which is pouring all anger of human kind. All anger against society. Whole noise made on the planet. His hyperproductiveness also is shown by the fact that one of his latest releases is box set of 50 releases that most are unreleased material by than. Immediate before this it is released his album on noise/glitch label mego that comes from Austria. It is nice move that mego lay their hands on this rests from masami akitas hard disc. By style not so close to classic mego sound, but from the other side about such thing we can not talk at all, so releasing of such merzbow album on this 'small' label is one bonus for it. Sound? Classic merzbow harsh noise with, on moments highly distorted hip-hop rhythm. The concept of the album is, as the title it self tells: tastes of...: Tokyo and Japan of course. Tracks are titled by names of classic Japanese meals with a recipe for their content. From this album u can learn that Sponge Octopus contains: stewed octopus, stewed beef, shellfish, watherfish, baloon fish... Of course, for everything to be perfect the design of magnificent cover (work of the official designer of mego Tina Frank) is in shape of restaurant. Bon apetit!