marufura fufunjiru: patience (chmafu nocords)

Maru has back with his second fulllenth on his Japanese ideology oriented chmafu nocords. His eclectic unpredictable sound that u can find on his first full lenth and on his many compilation appearances is here too. You can not allow yourself to expect some particular sound on patience. Thats why it is called patience. You have to be patient just listen and let the sounds drive your thoughts thru unknown vast spaces of your subconsciousness. There u will find fear, death, irrationality, chaos and all that ideas that you are frighten to admit to yourself. This album can be also seen as a soundtrack. Soundtrack of scariest days of your live. when u r passing thru period of paranoia. Not a horror movie but a horror reality. Mixed minds, confusion, irrational thoughts. everything is here.
from the other perspective u can see this release as a step forward in marufura fufunjirus music. It is quiet consistent in sound, without rhythm and totally abstract. From ambiental soundscapes through noisy parcels to incomprehensible undentified glitchy distant radio frequencies. You can also find some vocal sample marks which task is just to remind u where are you: ' maybe he should be taken to a doctor'.
Design of the release (which is work of maru itself) is very nice and u can also find it with different alternative cover design. Also a remix variant of patience with very provocative artists will follow.
Get ready for total eclipse of your mind.