luomo - the present lover (force tracks)

much releases listened recently but this was one of most expected. its really cool that i listened this material first live. i purchased the record and i was waiting for it. when i came back from festival where luomo was playing, album was waiting for me together with much other releases. first thing i did was: put the record and listen to it. as i expected: new fresh sound, this time more rhythmic and less abstract than first album vocalcity (force tracks, 2000). more tech house oriented and more male vocals. between all those new tracks you can find again the hit single tessio from vocalcity but now rearanged in new version (single contains akufen and moonbotica mix). its quiet cool if you can hear one of your favorite tracks, track that you liked so much in new version with fresh production. much soul dynamic, tender atmosphere, retro disco aesthetics… so beautiful, gentle and sophisticated. same as vocalcity: one of all time best albums. classic!