cordell klier: aparitions (ad noiseam)

Cordell klier is owner of label doctsect, a label that is trying to cover all perspectives of noise and experimental music. In his hyper productive work under many monikers he is also trying to cover his own perspectives and dimensions of what he is seeing under noise and experimental music. Micronoise is definition and term that cordell klier is trying to present with this album on now quiet established label of experimental music ad noiseam. Micronoise consists of two elements: first is melody and second noise. Melody (if we can call it) is ambiental, more precisely dark ambient background, that is cutted by many tinny little glitches and noises like with surgery knife. Ambiental background is giving us feeling of compltitely three dimensional cosmic space where u can hear all those unrecognizable alien talking and noisy signs and signals. If aliens exist, and they do they r talking like this. This tinny noises are transferred alien conversations and speeches. Maybe at first sight such combination looks to simple but in the reality the way this is presented is something unheard by now. Whole spacey feeling is calm and quiet. Even noises are clean and silent precisely directed in right way by sophisticated production. Before i get this album i read couple of promo reviews that was explaining the sound of album which provocates me to get it. i knew that is something new and fresh in experimental music. And it is. Also i get a flyer about it which design (same as cover), that contained pics that seems like they r showing alien signs in fields, gave me completely vision of the sound before i ever heard even a part of it. Design of cover which is work of cordell himself is also most amazing thing i have seen recently in design at all, just like the music itself. As i looked at cover more concentrated i noticed that those forms on design are not alien field signs... but something else that i will not disclose... aliens are among us.