tomas jirku: entropy (intr_version)

Tomas jirku after his releases on alien8 and after his really successful breakthrough on the biggest label in experimental music force inc. is back with his newest full length on the Canadian label intr_version run by mitchell akiyama. This label produces experimental glitchy music but with dubby flavor. in this context is also entropy. But anyway there is something a little bit different here.
the latest tomas jirku appearance was on freest of radicals, a compilation on no type (also a Canadian label). A compilation that collects tracks from artists that previously have (mp3) releases on it. tomas jirku's track on this compilation (i think im in love) is more rhythmic, something like the sound on sequins (force inc. album) but darker and dubby, which is the same sound that was on his split single with 833-45 warenton/continuity, also on no type. This sound is a vision of the sound that will come one year later on his next full length entropy. Of course upgraded, jirku here presents his darkest side in sound. Broken hip-hop like rhythm made out of ticky samples, over which dark, dubby, smooth pads are floating that have the function of melody. Weirdest heavy bass lines are welling among them. There is just one track a little bit different with straight housey rhythm that seems more like some force inc. material. Anyway isothermal brings the same magnificent dubby flavored atmosphere as the rest of the album. From time to time some precise glitches appear exactly where they need to be in the tracks. The combination of all these elements gives the complete experience. Everything is so deep... tomas is just back with his equipment from hell bringing the atmosphere up here. You can hear it.
Design of cover is unusual and looks pretty cool with all that dark pictures of foggy forest that exactly represent the atmosphere of the album. You can not say that this album is better than the previous, cause everything he has made is brilliant, but for sure it is one step forward in his constant evolution in sound.