anders ilar: everdom (shitkatapult)

Shitkatapult is moving forward. Andres Ilar is now appearing with his first full lenth here, after definition of his sound on this label, successful replik 12". This album is continuing with its cold deep atmosphere, structured with heavy ambiental deep rhythms. It seems like categorical ambient tech house. There is vast amount of seriousness expressed through his slowness, introversion, sensibility, darkness... This album is probably combination between his early experimenting and todays approach in contemporary sound, combining dark ambient lustmord style (december haze, everlast) and contemporary beat oriented music (coastline, makebelieve) probably dedicated for second chillout stages of more dencable parties. But anyway this is at first sight ambient album and than everything else. There is also some particular Berlin electronic pop sound (remember when) that reminds me of city centre offices or morr music sound. Look at this sound as u wish but this is at least 'special music for special people' as the label is defining itself. Waiting for more strikes.