hakan lidbo - clockwise ep (shitkatapult)

hakan lidbo again. now on shitkatapult. most weird combination. most hiperproductive artist on most interesting and weird berlin based label shitkatapult. shitkatapult has many various styles in its catalog, so why not hakan lidbo. that means that shitkatapult has very eclectic approach to sound. it has hard electro house oriented stuff like t.raumschmiere (marco haas - the owner) it self, jazzy berak stuff like napoli is not nepal or maybe anders ilar stuff that is more ambiental. this hakan lidbo release clockwise is strange enought to be released on shitkatapult. maybe u can not really define it but that's not so important for this label. opening track clockwise is a story. story about how people gets into society mechanism against their will. freeze lapd is weird 70s funk hymn reminding you of old cop movies. really weird. and the fu-klan is about kung-fu fighting, reminding you of one of your childhood idols - bruce lee. also very weird. other tracks are more club oriented if you think to break the audience on the floor. preety hard elektro break sound. so this is how hakan lidbo sounds on shitkatapult. i'm really interested to hear how will sound hakan lidbo on aesoteric. at last, after all those releases on all those labels.... why not hakan lidbo on shitkatapult?