sofus forsberg: no/1 (jenka music)

This is an album, that it has taken me, quite a long time, to write a review of. I've seen 'No/1' as a great album through the whole time, but it is without a doubt, an album, where it takes some time to get sucked into the music, but when your there, you're definitely there.
The album is based on, once in a while dubby, synthstextures and melancholic melodies, mixed with once in a while, more... maybe funny - almost Gameboy-like melodies. Besides some pretty hard beats, jazzy saxophone from Niels B÷ttcher (aka. Dj Ilz, who together with Nis Sandberg owns Jenka Music), trombone by Morten Klit, field recordings (like chewing, mumbling, talking, people walking, cars driving etc.), and also vocal on a few of the tracks on the album, from respectively Forsberg's girlfriend Henriettet Sennenvaldt, from post/folkrock-band Under Byen, and Forsberg himself on one track. I think it's nice to hear an album with vocal, without the tracks are nescesseralily build around this, but instead is used as a part of the whole experience of the track, although both vocalists, and backvocalist, Maiken Feltendal, all sing beatifully.
Only the track 'Convertible Love' is more or less build around Sennenvaldt's vocal, with lyrics from Stine EllerbŠk. The cover of the album, which is made by Danish graphic designer Iben West, is very beautiful, and fits nicely with the sounds from the album.
The first comparison of the music on this album, by the early Impotators-guitarist, will probably be a more melodic and jazzy Funkst÷rung, and other artists, especially from homecountry Denmark, like Pellarin, Orchard, early Acustic (+ other artist from the April Records label). Besides, when the music get's more dubby, also Future 3 and Opiate comes to mind. After more listenings, it definitely also comes to mind to mention Boards Of Canada as a comparison, also in the way I felt about the music in the beginning, because of how the album first seemed nice, though a bit boring, but quickly turned very interesting on closer acquaintance.
'No/1' can in my opinion be and be associated with both a warm and nice summerday, a cheerup on a grey autumn-day, or fit perfectly as the soundtrack of a cold and melancholic winterday. A very interesting meeting, with a both debuting artist, and the label, Jenka Music, which we probably will hear more high-quality music from.