format/samuli alapuranen: connections/apinavideo (abflug)

Finaly have listened this release. First release of Abflug, Helsinki, Finland-based label dedicated to electronic music and video arts. The aural criteria for Abflug releases ranges from soundscapes to echoing glitch to ambient to crunchbeat to deep techno. Each Abflug release will include both an audio and a visual element. This release also has 2 parts: aural and visual. The aural part is exactly sound part and in this case is signed by Belgian artist formatt. Sound of this six parts of which is consisted this aural section is connection between glitchy sounds and atmospheric electronica in sense of intr_version dub glitchy moments. Fine ambient backgrounds over which are flowing glitchy and crackling electronica. Video part is signed by Samuli Alapuranen and its a work called Apinavideo. This is second perspective of releases on Abflug. Samuli Alapuranen aka O Samuli A is acclaimed Finnish video artist and musician. Apinavideo is black & white, blurred, loop based, skip videoart dedicated to monkeys. Over the video you can hear mellow pop electronic song made by Samuli Alapuranen himself but under his music moniker O Samuli A. With this release we are entering strange territories and opening couple perspectives in art. Waiting for more nice abflug releases.