formatt: extended (robo records)

Formatt: Extended (Robo Records) Once again Peter Smeekens' well known ambient-like microsound sound-universe hits us, with the 3" 'Extended' on Belgium-based label Robo Records.
The characteristics of Formatt's music is still the atmospheric synths, various recordings following the music, and more or less spontaneous beats turning into rhythms.
'Extended' sounds like a dense fog, transiently floating through the night of the beautiful city's buildings, and over the lonely streetlight.
With Formatt's music, it might be in it's place to use the phrase 'microsound', but personally I think I will call it a mix between idm and ambient. Microsound is simply too flat an expression, that Formatt's music stretches much further than. The atmosphere in Formatt's music is simply unique, and the more time I listen to the ep, the more and more I get reminded of this. 'Extended' sort of reminds me of my first moments with albums such as 'Music For Airports' and 'A', with respectively Brian Eno and Pan Sonic. These albums are both some very sterile albums, whereas 'Extended' is in no way as sterile as beforementioned albums, but definitely as atmospheric, and on this ep one synth relieve the other, and once in a while part of a melody can be spotted, which sometimes is repeated all the way through a track.
The Belgium soundartist Formatt is getting more and more well-known and accepted, through releases on labels such as Grain Of Sound, Tiln and Stasisfield, and that fact is definitely well-earned. This release is the best one so far of the ones I know, and I can't wait to hear in which direction Formatt's music will move next until next time, on earlier releases his music have sounding more hiphop-inspired and more idm, but still unmistakeably Formatt. I am also looking forward to hearing more from the recordlabel Robo Records, where this, their fourth releases, is the first one I know. Weird and wonderful.