andrew duke: sprung (bip-hop)

Out of the fast moving glitch and noise music, out of the depths of the underground of the Canadian music scene, a promising author, who supports this movement, has appeared. Signed on expanding and obtrusive Bip-hop label from France, Andrew Duke has become one of the critics' pets. Not using very consistent sound, but with interesting approach in creating, Duke presents himself with electric variation incorporating authentic electro, glitch, noise and samples from James Brown. If you can combine all this in your head, you'll get the concept of sound of Duke. Although it seams that it can't be combined, Sprung shows us that it is well thought out. Maybe, at first sight it looks monotonous, but after you listen to it for several times, you'll feel what Duke wanted to achieve. With this release, Bip-hop is becoming seriously interesting label and Andrew Duke is becoming artist with serious idea what he would like to achieve in music.