data 80 - data 80 (force tracks)

Most prolific artist on new techno scene appears with another album, this time under new moniker. Data 80 is new trashy, disco, electro like, housey, project of hakan lidbo. Yes, hakan lidbo artist that has hundreds of releases on many different labels. I can freely say that this new self titled album is totally weird. I expected something like this after reading the promo review but this sound can not be explained properly with words. One of characteristics is that you can not give your opinion from first listening. Sound is trashy same as whole aesthetics around this project including cheep sinths and vocoder robot vocals singing love lyrics. Rhythms are housey, something like regular force tracks stuff but anyway something is weirder here… Whole feeling is totally retro, old fashioned and disco oriented which is the intention here. Anyhow this is proper disco club record. And if you are spinning this in your house/techno set maybe techno/house purists will not like you so much, but from other side you will have much fans from female population.