corker/conboy: in light of that learnt later (vertical form)

I have heard about this duo (Adrian Corker and Paul Conboy) from their three tracks that can be found on pro bono publico compilation released on vertical form before this album. All those tracks can be also found on this album 'In Light Of That Learnt Later' which sound is completely similar. Its really precise combination between classic Chicago post rock and sophisticated ambient electronica. Acoustic guitar ambient sound that is more familiar with kranky label and project Pan American (side project of Labradford) that are also signed on vertical form. So nothing is strange here. You can also hear a little bit of mogwai, more thrill jockey sound and a bit Seefeel ambiental structures. You can also recognize Tristeza (tiger style) on opening track 'in the dust an haze' but more acoustic so whole feeling will get closer to their side project The Album Leaf. On first sight maybe it'll sound a bit more familiar or already listened in past couple of years in styles of before mentioned projects and labels but the approach is really original. Completely enjoyable sound that can be listened for relaxing of your body and mind. That is its assignment. So enjoy it.