cordell klier - winter (ad noiseam)

second album for this american inventive experimental artist released for ad noiseam. in fact, not only that his releases are uncountable but also the aliases he uses. his quality and inventiveness were evident even after apparitions, the album which was also released for this berlin based label. micronoise by definition, opening new fields in the sound scapes, it was one of the loveliest albums for that year. with his comeback simply called winter, he uses sounds to predict the forthcoming state. cold dark ambient background over which are floating cut-up minimalistic micronoise pieces. although not that different from his predecessor, it still offers new moments encouraged by the momentary condition created by the artist's state of mind. semi-faded and deformed beats appear to gain a form of a rhythm. even an inexact noise rhythm. nevertheless everything is in the domain of informality and improvisation. seen apart from apparitions, maybe it is equally pleasing. while seen as a whole, it's a sequel which continues the definition of a style he has imposed.