claudia bonarelli: everything happens only a certain number of times (mitek)

The debutalbum from Johan Fotmeijer aka. Claudia Bonarelli. A chilled-out, minimal and cool album, based around the typical ingredienses; synthtextures, basses, dubby outbursts, beats, clicks, spontanious appearing sounds, and very different from what I expected, also a more rhythm-based, almost dubhouse-track ('Baptiste'), and a track with thrilling cutted-up hip hop-samples ('Avenue'). On this, the third release from Johan Fotmeijer under his well-known Claudia Bonarelli moniker, one can easily feel the unique Claudia Bonarelli-personality that is being edified. An unusual minimal personality. But whereas the minimalism, on the two first releases, the mp3ep's 'Boredom Is Counter Revolutionary' on Notype and 'Starfield Stimulation Series' on Komplott, made the music appear, despite the genre-difference, more warm, kind of like how you can imagine music coming from a deep hole, the minimalism is here visible more in the synthtextures, which makes the album much more melancholic than expected. Sometimes too melancholic. Although this is a great album, it in my mind, cannot live 100% up to the much warmer debut-mp3ep 'Boredom Is Counter Revolutionary'... a true masterpiece. A great and promising album, which despite of too much melancholia for me, really rules.