bomberos: bringing down the neighborhood average ep (duplicate)

I can remember the times when i was listening jesus lizard, shellac, uzeda, fugazi and all those dirty steve albini touch and go rocking-bassing stuff so much. It wasn't so long time ago anyway. If u can remember their atmosphere u can imagine how bomberos sounds like. They are old dirty hard punx throwing 5 primal oldschool punk tracks in your face. Bomberos do not: play new or "nu" music, sound well-produced, pretend to have suitable political views, have a fashionable "crazy" image, want to be affiliated with any sort of "scene", pretend to be anything else than four hobos playing noisy music and giving you the finger, care if you don't like that. So, all before mentioned that they are old dirty hard punx can't be negated. In fact piss off!