apparat - duplex (shitkatapult)

in few occasions, i've already mentioned the label shitkatapult, which lately is expanding its concept "not to have a concept". i mentioned the project napoli is not nepal, the artist anders ilar, the hyper productive hakan lidbo, and the owner t.raumschmiere. this time i'll mention the guy who together with t.raumschmiere aka markco haas runs this label. his name is sascha ring, and his artistic name is apparat. as you already know, this label doesn't have a specific sound that signifies its trademark. it is just the opposite - the eclecticism. so apparat is not trying to define himself through the sound expressed in some stylistic form, but through emotions and experiences expressed through the perfect combination between the electronic and the acoustic music. his music is an expression of the schizophrenic mental state experienced through the merger of the digital and acoustic pieces. all that is according to the definition: how the feelings and the experiences can be transformed and programmed into music. all that is neatly calculated, written down and created in sound. the album duplex comes from that. or simply and modestly named a music album containing 13 songs. very unintentional, duplex, is an album which doesn't intend to move borders of contemporary music. it balances very precisely between acoustics and electronics, and by sound even calls upon some references which i won't mention now. however, exactly its contradiction, schizophrenics, and unintentional attitude reveals the opposite effect.