anton nikkila: white nights (n&b research digest)

Inspired from classic Muzak (good metaphor for real everyday spirituality of mass consumers society) and from Soviet cult of technology (part of the official Soviet state ideology, that has a role of religion) Anton Nikkila makes music that we can simply characterise as Elevator Noir, Transcendental Gabber and Imaginary Post-Digital Music of the Soviet Union. That's (looks like) post-rock music brought to contemporary level of glitch or glitch music turned back to level of post-rock. Anyhow that's fresh approach and fusion in contemporary music influenced with retro elements that have origin in Russian far past - 20s or 30s. NIkkila believes in techno optimism that comes from those years in Soviet Union, but today, deeply stuck in contemporary techno pessimism of samplers and informational technology. Much sampled ideas, collected samples, realised in concordance with improvisational ideology. A classic retro futuristic record.