mark streatfield/zainetica  [rednetic] 

- hello, please introduce yourself, what's your age, where are you located in UK, how long have you been making music, how did Rednetic Recordings happen and what do you think about the music scene in England today?

Hello my name is Zainetica, I live in Finsbury Park, North London.
Rednetic Recordings is a means of playing with genres. At the moment we are playing with breakbeat techno. About five or six years ago I tried to set up a record label but it became a multi-media company in Cardiff by accident. I kept getting distracted by the need to eat and have a roof over my head. With Matt - New Defiant who did the cover for the Escaping Dust album we did visuals for Hybrid, Silent Running Drum & Bass nights and Websites for TV. Theres also some of the work on the DVD for "Human Traffic". After figuring out a way not to spend days with out sleep writing HTML code, I moved to London and after a few attempts got the money together to set up the label.
The music scene in England today is very healthy. A lot of people I know have moved away, but I have stayed mainly because of the music, I think it's the best place to be and in London in particularly, it's healthy because its always looking outside of its borders. Where I live there is a large Cypriot/Turkish/Kurdish/West Indian commuity, you only have to travel on the tube 25 mins and you are surrounded by a different culture, like the Asian community in Bricklane. Every culture brings a unique focus on a particular facet of music, a different way of hearing music and creating it. In Britain there is a lot of people cramped together, a lot of rain, and a social security system. So you have a lot of people sitting around each others houses with a lot of styles to integrate, and not much else to do. If we had nice weather we would all be down the down the beach waiting for sandproof laptops to be invented.

- what are your most important and direct musical influences for your Zainetica project? Are there other people who make similar music to yours, can you compare with someone?

Not sure, because I was listening and making a lot of Drum & Bass, and I could here music coming through the walls of the house that was just noise pollution. So I would put on headphones and massage my brain with nice sounds. A good while ago I listened to Autechre, Speedy J, Fuse, etc basically anything on Warp. I visited them once in Sheffield about a multimedia project and was only supposed to spend 15 mins with them and spent at least an hour, they were the most generous people. Although one of them (cant remember which one) did tell me that Warp would never have the money to do multimedia, only big record labels that own bands like dire straits could afford a multimedia project about techno.
Oh just remembered, the idea was to make music like the Plaid remix of Ko-wreck technique - metro dade, I saw another whole genre in there. I think I got a little distracted the way.

- what you think of Venetian Snares? It seems like he's on the opposite side of where you are, you're making some kind of easy-listening breakbeat/idm, and he's into hardcore and very powerful breakbeat/gabber. do you like what artists like Venetian Snares do?

Well I make Drum & Bass under another name, so this is my mellow side. The drum and bass is very dark, and quite techy. Like early tunes on Hardware like Extra Terrestial - Genotype. To be honest I don't think I have heard Venetian Snares, but I might like it, it all depends on where I heard it and what individual tunes were like, its needs a good bass sound.

- what do you think about the future of that kind of hardcore-breakbeat music like Venetian Snares? Does it have a future or it's a dead-end?

Well if we take hardcore breakbeat then yes it has a future, probably quite a good one, because at some point someones going to call those hardcore experiments some thing new, there is a lot of scope there for experimentation. Think about the Lenny D Ice tune - We are ie. Just plain techno like a lot of other stuff at the time apart from the way the breakbeat was triggered and the bass. I have heard that a lot of times speeded up at Exodus parties and its Jungle. Theres always tunes in one genre that end up being the foundations of a new one.

- what's the future for Rednetic Recordings and for Zainetica?

Rednetic - As cool as Factory, as Techno as Warp and as beautiful as Tweet.
Zainetica - One day I will hopefully make a track as good as LFO-LFO, and then immediately retire to Australia with a big smile on my face, never to be seen again.
Releases - We are aiming for a rednetic compilation later this year

- can you explain why there are all those short pieces of sound called 'Insert' between all the tracks on your first album 'Escaping Dust'?

The idea behind that was condensed, mutated and re-edited original tracks, that would be like promos for tracks that appear later on the album, almost like promos for programmes later in the day on TV. Also I know some people that are into very abstract theoretical music, and these are for them because I know that out of the 60 mins they would pick out just a fraction and it might as well be a whole track.

- is electro-clash big in UK? What do you think about that music style, do you like it, do you like any kind of electro music?

Well it was, now it's the after currents of the scene, where I suppose the music comes through under the hype. Thing is though every week you get new scenes from the London music press, get 2 words throw them together then find some music that fits. Its like "Trance & Bass" it just John B doing what he's always done. I got the CD and thought well lets see what this is all about and heard it and felt cheated again.
I like anything that's pushing it, but also things that just strike me. I like electro-clash but it does seem like another music form that will end up on an inward spiral, just feeding of the past and itself. Also I can remember early Depeche Mode on Top of the Pops, which taints my view on a lot of non funky electronic music, I find the JB's and Burning Spear more interesting.
Also isn't there something odd with a living in the 80s dreaming of the 21st Century, then living in the 21st Century and dreaming of the 80's. Utility Player and J-Auer don't think so, and they will be releasing tunes on the next Compilation.