mitchell akiyama  [intr_version]    


- first tell us something about you..

i think of my height in feet and not meters, i have a lot of new plants that i'm enjoying, i'm sitting here typing listening to arvo part's tabula rasa...

- when and why did u start intr_version label

intr_version was started in 2000 with the intention of releasing my music as well as canadian music that wasn't getting the exposure it should have been
at the time. at that point there was a lot of interesting stuff happening in montreal and toronto, as well as the rest of the country - artists like tim hecker, deadbeat, ghislain poirie, etc. were doing great stuff but no one had any releases worth mentioning... as for myself, i had put out a cdr (which was really just a demo that nobody wanted to release) that ended up doing quite well and inspired me to try to do the label thing properly.

- what's the meaning of the name

hmm... it's a play on ambiguity, but the main idea is introspection. we release listening music, music that takes you out cars and malls and cities and into it, into music.

- what can u say about concept of intr_version. is there any particular concept that you care about

the main concern is the marriage of electronics and more traditional means of expression. computers aren't going anywhere, but i think that people got
a little too caught up in a hermetically sealed digiland and forgot that composition and just plain good songs are pretty important.

- there is much difference between one release of intr_version and other. like one is glitchy, other ambiental and third more rhythmic. what can you say about this dissimilarity in sounds. is there any particular sound that intr_version cares about

it's not so complicated - we just release music that we like. of course, we don't like everything and the stuff that has our ear at the moment, while being pretty eclectic, comes around to something you might call pseudo-electronic music. it generally tends to be stuff that has melody, humanity, etc...

- you are also producer that have more releases on other labels. what's the sound that you prefer in making music. can you define your style

my tastes and goals in composing definitely reflect my label's direction. lately i've been working exclusively with instruments - composing for piano,
guitar, strings, etc... and then manipulating. at this point the electronics are still an integral part of the music but i see them as more of a lens than as a subject.

- what do you think about contemporary electronic music, exactly clicks n cuts or microsound music and all this similar contemporary styles that cares much about aesthetics of sound. what's your opinion of this scenes that are becoming more and more popular.

i appreciate music that is concerned with sound... i can't say that i listen to a lot stuff in the genre though. it's interesting, to think about sound as an object - i think that's one of the reason why there's so much repetition in a lot of that stuff - to give you the chance to really focus on the sound.

- last couple of years much of contemporary electronic styles were combining with dub so this combination become whole movement of dub revival scene. much labels started to deal with this styles (chain reaction, thinner, meteosound, ~scape, worship.) like combinations of techno, techhouse, ambient, glitch with dub influences. what do you think about this process of dub revival and where do you see its reason

that movement came out of berlin, i guess, and at a certain point i think that everyone was being influenced by these producers that had been
influenced by dub. by the time everyone got around to finding out what dub actually sounded like things had changed again. i think it's just as valid
to look at how indie rock has been creeping into electronic music... electronic music has turned into a shapeshifting thing that resembles whatever it approaches. i think this is a great thing - when you say electronic music you're refering to how the music was made, not necessarily to what it's trying to express - by the same token, it seems a bit silly to call something violin music or drum music - what would that mean exactly?

- can you name some labels that you trust and that you know you will like their stuff before even listen to them

there are some labels that i find to be consistently interesting - in all sorts of genres - mego, touch, constellation, alien8, fat cat... but in the end the artists are the ones that make the music, not the labels...

- what's happening in canada on music plan this period. couple of good labels and artists has appeared, also one really huge festival of such music 'mutek' so i can freely say that canada is becoming one of more interesting scenes nowadays. what's your attitude about canada contemporary music scene today...

it's fantastic that people the deserve recognition are finally receiving it. some of the music coming out at the moment is really having an impact - on
one hand you have people like akufen and deadbeat, on the other, tim hecker and godspeed... i can't imagine living anywhere other than montreal - there's an amazing community attitude towards art and music. not to mention that it's really cheap...

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